Medieval Collectibles

There is a wide variety of fantasy themed stuff out there. There are tons of things you probably haven’t even thought of. You know, the kind of thing where you say, “I never knew that existed but I need to have one! Take my money!”. Doesn’t sound like something you would say? Have you ever seen an Excalibur sword letter opener? Or a really cool shield that you can hang on your wall? Maybe a medieval banner?

There are all sorts of medieval collectibles available online. You can find everything from Game of Thrones coffee cups and dragon statues to lamps, letter openers that look like swords. People sell medieval costumes, clothing, armor, weapons, and LARP gear. If you can think of something that you wish were available, chances are someone else thought of it too and has already put it up for sale online.

Do I Need This

We all ask ourselves this question sometimes. When you are browsing the web and come across a letter opener designed to look like your favorite sword you immediately think about how awesome that would look on your desk right next to your keyboard. But do you really need it? Do I really want to spend money on that? YES! Do the right thing and buy the cool letter opener sword. You will feel much better once the order is placed and you won’t miss that tiny bit of money anyway. You can think of it this way, would I rather buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks four days in a row or would I rather buy a cool object that I get to keep for years. The price is about the same.

By The Sword - Medieval Collectibles

One place where you can find great stuff online is called “By The Sword”. Check out this section of their site: By The Sword

They have all sorts of things from and related to the middle ages. One thing that stood out and that I think sets them apart would be their barrels. They have specially crafted oak barrels with built in wooden spigots. These are totally functional allowing for the storing and dispensing of drinks the medieval way. They look like something you might find in a castle or some kind of medieval tavern with hobbits and stuff.

They have all the regular stuff you would expect too. You can buy swords, shields, and even a fail (ball and chain except without spikes in this case). They have Game of Thrones shot glasses, coffee cups, and matching coasters. They also have figurines and playing cards.

More notably, there were two really neat decorative items that stood out. The first was a dragon skull trophy that you could mount on your wall. It comes mounted to plate that would be hung on the wall, similar to a deer or moose except that it is a dragon's skull. Pretty neat. The second was a crusader banner. That is would look awesome hanging on the wall right next to the dragon skull and a shield. These would make for an awesome look for your living room or man cave.

People Make Those?

They also have a few things will probably surprise you. These are the types of things that you see and say to yourself, “You can actually buy those?”. The first thing I found like this was a medieval battlefield surgery kit. This is basically a set of tools that a medieval doctor would use to fix up a wound on a soldier on a battlefield during the middle ages. It comes in a leather carrying case. If you don’t believe me here is a link: Medieval Battlefield Surgery Kit They have other unexpected items as well. They also have a set of medieval handcuffs and a round medieval dungeon padlock. They include keys. You can do what you want with those. Use your imagination.

Arya’s Needle - Sword

Ever thought it would be cool to have Arya’s needle. They have that too. This isn’t really a surprise as they have just about every other type of sword that you could think of and many that you never would have thought of. I would actually be surprised if you couldn’t buy this sword. It is definitely cool though and serves as an example what you can expect from the world of medieval collectibles. Yeah, everyone expects Excalibur or one of the swords from LOTR. Even other GOT swords should be very much expected. Still, when you think of a GOT sword, the first that comes to mind would be Jon Snow’s sword or something. Arya isn’t the first person I think of. Maybe she should be. She is one of the better trained and certainly one of the more interesting sword wielding characters.

The Obvious

The obvious site, the one with the exact words in the domain, may seem like a good place to look: Medieval Collectibles This is one of the major sites dedicated to medieval collectibles. You are going to find this first in a google search. Not everyone likes them but you can’t please everybody. They generally provide a ton of great stuff and have a great focus. It sometimes seems like they’ve cornered the game and are the only shop in town. That is, if you are looking for one place that just has medieval collectibles to browse through. Otherwise, if you already know what you are looking for, you can just search on Amazon or Ebay.

Medieval Shields

These guys do have a big selection of shields. Some of which you may not have even known existed. If you are into LARPing or just want something to hang on your wall, these are pretty awesome. If you want a shield, they probably have what you are looking for. At the very least, they function as a starting place where you can start to get ideas about what you want. They have functional shields, decorative shields, foam shields, and wood shields. You can even get functional, battle ready, metal shields if you want. Did we mention that they come with all sorts of cool looking emblems and heraldry?

Amazon - Easier - More Trusted

Don’t want to deal with any of these goofy sites you’ve never heard of? Don’t trust random shops on the internet with your credit card? Stick with one of the bigger sites out there. Just got to Amazon. They have pretty much everything that any of these other sites might have but you can use the familiar site you know and trust. Don’t want to deal with all of the customer service horror stories, go to Amazon. They are big and if you want to fix an order or return something, you have a better chance of things going well.