Armor – Chain Mail

One of the most desirable types of armor that can be used for LARPs is chainmail. On the one hand there is a definite coolness factor to consider when it comes to chainmail but on the other hand it is probably the single most difficult LARP related thing to create on your own at home. More often than not, if you want it, the only real option is to buy it. The good news is it is not hard to find a good set of chainmail online. A quick search in google will bring up an assortment of different sites all of which sell different types and styles of chainmail. Anything you may need can be found including hoods, gloves, and short/long sleeve shirts. If you do feel like building something yourself, some places even sell loose rings that can be used to create your own.

Building Your Own Chain Mail

Yes, it is possible to build your own chainmail at home by yourself. Instructions on how this is done coming soon…….