Best Sword for Slaying Dragons

Knightly Sword

I’ve found that the best sword for slaying dragons is a knightly sword. This is really the only appropriate sword to use when slaying a dragon. Ideally it is going to be a long sword and it is going to be single handed. The reason for this is that you are going to need to be able to hold your shield in your off hand. You might be tempted to think that you can go without a shield and just use a two handed sword in order to inflict more damage but this would be ill advised. Yes it is possible to kill a dragon with a claymore but it just isn’t worth the risk. Using a lance or a spear is a viable option but is still suboptimal. The best option is to just stick with a long, single handed, knightly sword and a shield.


You are also going to want to invest in a set of armor. Chainmail and scale mail is fine but full plate armor is the best and the safest option. Plate armor provides the best protection against burns. There is a good chance you are going to get singed a bit. It also does a great job of protecting against scratches and puncture wounds that would otherwise be inflicted by the dragon's claws and teeth. The dragon's claws are kind of hard to completely avoid unless you are really quick. The teeth are another story. You should try to avoid being bitten by dragons at all costs. If you find yourself or any part of your body inside a dragon’s mouth, you know you did something wrong and are probably in trouble. That said you are infinitely better off if you are wearing armor. An unarmored knight is as good as dead if they are actually bitten by a dragon. Not many people walk away from that.


OK, so a shield is an important piece of equipment you’re going to need. Don’t just grab any shield. First of all, this goes without saying but you need something metal, ideally something that can withstand a lot of heat. Obviously wood is out. Don’t even think of using a wooden shield. That will get burnt to a crisp almost right away. So you’ve made sure that the shield is made of metal but have you checked the handle / straps. A common mistake would be to have leather straps. These can be burnt if the shield is heated up too much. You are going to want to make sure that the straps are made of either metal strips or chain. These can get hot too so you’re definitely going to want to wear gloves. You may place some extra padding between your arm and the back of the shield. Use a kite shield, not a round shield. This will provide the best coverage. It also just looks right and matches the knightly sword. If you were using a viking sword you might go with a round shield. Last but not least, go for size. Make sure you get a big shield. You are going to want to cover as large an area as possible. Always remember: “Defense is an important aspect of not getting killed.” Get the biggest shield you can carry that will still allow you to use your single handed long sword in your primary hand.

More Swords

Let's get back to swords. A knightly sword is evolved from the viking sword and later evolved into the Zweihänder. You wouldn’t want to use either of these. Sure people have been killing dragons with viking swords for a long time but that isn’t the way things are done anymore. You also wouldn’t want the Zweihänder either as that is a two handed sword and you wouldn’t be able to properly use a shield at the same time. It is safe to rule out both of these and stick with a knightly sword. Besides all that, the knightly sword is the most appropriate sword for slaying dragons and it just feels right. Can you imagine using anything else? This is the type of sword you picture when you think if fighting a dragon. Sure the viking sword isn’t too far of a deviation but you would never want to use something crazy like a saber or a cutlass. The dragon might fall over laughing at you at first but chances are it will refuse to die and it will eat you out of pure spite. The only thing that keeps a dragon on its toes is the idea that it owes you at least some degree of respect.

Sharpness vs pointy

When Selecting a sword you are going to make sure that you pick something that is well crafted. You are also going to want to make sure that it has been well maintained. It should be kept as sharp as possible. Make sure that it is also as pointy as possible. If you have to choose, having a good point is more important than sharpness but neither should be neglected. Having a good point is key as it allows you to penetrate the dragon's scales if you are lucky. Slashes typically won’t do much to a dragon but they may cause discomfort which is enough to dissuade it from coming too close too quickly. It is important to prevent it from rushing forward too fast and crushing you ( or devouring you or whatever ).

Using Horses

Do you ride on horseback when attacking a dragon? You will probably at least want to use a horse to get to the dragon’s lair. From there you will probably venture in on foot if it is a cave or an old castle. If you know the dragon is out in the open you could attack on foot or on horseback. Many people still choose to attack on foot due to the complications keeping a horse under control while fighting a dragon. If you do plan to remain mounted while actually fighting, make sure that you can control your horse and that you know that your horse will not get scared and throw you off mid fight. You can only do this with the most stable, obedient, fearless, war hardened horses out there. You would also need to make sure that you have a full set of armor for your horse. This may be more trouble than it is worth which is usually why most people dismount and leave their horse nearby before actually attacking a dragon.

Where to buy? What if you don’t have money?

When buying or commissioning a sword, weapon or set of armor it is recommended to visit an expert weaponsmith. You want someone who specializes in weapons. If you are on a budget you may not be able to afford this. If you simply can’t afford the cost of a weaponsmith, you can acquire your weapons from a blacksmith as a last resort. This type of situation is usually the case if you happen to be a young peasant boy trying to rescue a princess who has been captured by a dragon. If you aren’t a real knight and you have to make due with suboptimally crafted weapons, at least make sure that you have trained a lot and that you are sufficiently motivated before setting out on your quest. Remember, if you do succeed, chances are you will get to be a real knight after that.

Dragon Scale Armor

OK, let's say you have slain a dragon. What do you do now? You’re going to have to haul its head back to town to prove you actually killed it. Just about everybody gets this part right but a lot of people overlook the rest of the dragon. Sure you are going to have a great trophy for over your fireplace but the rest of the dragon is really, really valuable. You don’t want to let that go to waste. The scales can be saved and used to craft dragon scale armor. Not a lot of people can get their hands on this type of armor. You can’t just pay a bunch of money and get it. The materials just aren’t available. If you have dragon scales right there in front of you, COLLECT THEM. They will give you the option to have one of the best suites of armor ever later on. Usually there will be enough scales to craft two sets of armor so if you can’t afford to pay an expert armorer, you can just let him keep the extra scales and he will usually craft your one suite for free. Also, don’t forget, just about every part of a dragon has some value. All of the other parts can be used for potions and stuff. You can probably grill dragon steaks too. Some people believe you can absorb its power this way. Experts agree though that it is just a really great source of protein.