LARP Fashion

Background and Gear

LARP or Live action role playing is a type of game where players actually physically act each part of the game. It is basically the same idea as a normal table top RPG except for the physical element. There are many different types of LARPs. Some vary by rules, stories, and settings. Others vary by genre. Most take place in a medieval or medieval fantasy setting. Others may take place in a variety of different settings including steam punk, modern, sci-fi, or just about anything else people can come up with.

One very important aspect of LARPing is the use of clothing and gear. Players typically wear clothing and armor to fit the role that they are playing. They will carry weapons and accessories to fit this role as well as for use in simulated combat. While people often do buy their gear, it is also very common to make custom diy gear. A lot of people go as far as to use masks, makeup, and prosthetics for their costumes.

Clothing and LARP fasion has become so important that many take this as their primary focus. Besides the obvious use of armor, there are a plethora of other things to take into account. People wear medieval and fantasy clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Some people go for plain historically medieval while others prefer fantasy.


The world of LARP clothing is vast and divers. There is an assortment of things that are worn including cloaks, capes, and tabards. Dresses, hoods, and tunics are all great options. While everyone is familiar with cloaks and capes ( both are great choices ) the tabard is less well known and has a higher coolnes factor that, in the world of LARP fashion, can set you appart. A tabard is a short coat with either no sleeves or short sleeves. Some times it was desigined with open sides. It could be used as either common clothing or as something more distinctive especially if it was decorated with a coat of arms.
LARP fashion tabard

Dresses are another great option. There is a lot of freedom and flexibility when selecting a dress. There are a lot of great options, especially when combined with jewelry.

LARP fashion tiara


Jewlery for LARP fasion is another great area with a lot of options available. Sometimes jewlery may even overlap with armor ( chainmail, gauntlets, decorated armor ). Mostly any type of jelery that fits in a medieval setting works great including anything from rings, to braclets, and necklaces. These also don’t need to be as low key and conservative as they might be for day to day use so people really have a lot of room to just do what they want and enjoy themselves. One great option that is normally only a fashion choice in a LARP setting is wearing crowns or tiaras

LARP Accessories

LARP fashion key

Accessories are another great area. People over look these but there are a lot of options and a great deal of diversity. Common choices are knife holders, or sword holders. People wear many different type sof pouches and bags. One popular choice ( my personal favorite ) is the potion holder. This is a bag specifically designed for holding bottles of potions. Sometimes a bag will be specifically designed to hold multiple bottles all within separate, individual slots. People make use of all different types of straps, belts, and weapon holsters. In the world of LARP fashion the choices are almost unlimited. There is a variety of different props available including medieval locks, keys, compasses, and even spy classes. Just about anything that you could think of that fits the role being played will work.